E hika mā, kuhu mai

“Global wildstock fisheries are in decline while demand for protein is growing. It is prudent for Ngā Iwi i Te Rohe o Te Waiariki and indeed all Māori to critically investigate alternative ways to supply kaimoana for whānau and for valuable world food markets.

We are exploring sustainable, resilient aquaculture opportunities – how we can do this together, care for our moana and importantly, grow our whānau!”

- Chris Karamea Insley
Chair, Ngā Iwi i Te Rohe o Te Waiariki


Aquaculture Opportunities for Bay of Plenty Iwi, EnviroStrat
Wakatu: Paul Morgan
Fish Farming: Andrew Forsythe (NIWA)
Precision Aquaculture: Chris Cornelisen (Cawthorn Institute)
Fisheries New Zealand: Te Ohu Kaimoana
Novotel Smart Maori Aquaculture
Growing Together towards Smart Maori Aquaculture
Growing Together towards Smart Maori Aquaculture Programme
Smart Maori Aquaculture Media Release
Te Whakatohea Aquaculture 2020
Indig X 2020 – Weaving of Relatives
Te Moana-a-Toi / Bay of Plenty Iwi Aquaculture Opportunities Assessment
Supplementary Information to the Stage One Opportunities Assessment: Iwi Aquaculture in the Bay of Plenty
University of Waikato hosts the iwi of Te Arawa
Te Waiariki Iwi Aquaculture Stage 2 Summary of Findings
BOP Aquaculture Stage 2 IP Report
MPI BOP Hui Aquaculture, Strategy and BOP
Dickie Tuapapa Programme – Te Rere
Cawthron Institute
Program Introduction and Outline
Te Ohu Kaimoana BOP Iwi Smart Aquaculture and the Regional Aquaculture Agreements
Breeding new finfish species for aquaculture
Te Waiariki Iwi Aquaculture Opportunities – Stage 2 Options Refinement, November 2020
Bay of Plenty Aquaculture Options Economic Assessment
Workforce Development Strategy
EnviroStrat Te Waiariki Iwi Aquaculture Opportunities
Bay of Plenty Iwi Aquaculture Business Case Cultural Impact Assessment

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Opportunities Assessment for Iwi Aquaculture in Te Moana-a-Toi

  • Te Ao Māori and Iwi aspirations
  • International aquaculture industry and market trends
  • Status of aquaculture in New Zealand
  • Bay of Plenty aquaculture state of play
  • Key findings and opportunities for Māori aquaculture


Towards a NEW Smart Māori Aquaculture Future

  • An integrated and sustainable Māori Aquaculture Model
    – Pou tahi: Te Pāpori (Social)
    – Pou rua: Te Taiao (Environmental)
    – Pou toru: Te Ahurea (Cultural)
    – Pou whā: Te Ōhanga (Economic)
  • Whole of value-chain Māori Aquaculture Model
  • Indigenous to indigenous aquaculture
  • Leading edge science and technology
  • Stages 2 and 3: next steps and timetable
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