Ngā Iwi i te Rohe o Te Waiariki progress aquaculture business cases

We, Ngā Iwi i te Rohe o Te Waiariki, are making significant progress on our aquaculture kaupapa as we move into August – the final month of the project.

Stage Three of our mahi, exploring pathways to develop sustainable, resilient and world-class Māori aquaculture opportunities across the region, is well underway as we prepare business cases to inform potential future iwi investment.

The draft investment portfolio and draft offshore kingfish business case have been submitted for feedback, while drafts for the RAS kingfish, seaweed and mussel business cases are on track to meet deadline for feedback this month.

The Financial Models are complete and draft Cost Benefit Analysis and Economic Impact Assessments continue. The high-level Cultural Assessment is underway.

The governance model and three step process for our aquaculture kaupapa was designed to be iwi-led, collaborative, strategic and inclusive, while generating investment-ready propositions that deliver holistic out

comes for Māori, and Aotearoa.

Aquaculture is fast becoming a major sector in Bay of Plenty and Ngā Iwi i te Rohe o Te Waiariki is positioning itself to be at the forefront of developments and opportunities.

As we near the end of Stage Three, we have focused on developing strong business cases that take into account social, cultural, environmental and economic outcomes, building on the success of Stage One and Two of the kaupapa.

We continue or commitment  towards growing a thriving, sustainable iwi aquaculture industry, harnessing the cutting-edge technology and expertise available to us, and growing Māori careers in the sector.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved in this kaupapa, contact the Project Lead, Chris Karamea Insley.

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