Waiariki aquaculture progress outlined in Stage Three reports

Ngā Iwi i Te Rohe o Te Waiariki has  published the findings for our Stage Three Te-Moana-a-Toi Aquaculture Opportunities research and we would love to hear your whakaaro and pātai.

This stage of our mahi has focused on exploring pathways to develop sustainable, resilient and world-class Māori aquaculture opportunities across the region.

The new findings include reports on:

The governance model and three step process for this kaupapa was designed to be iwi-led, collaborative, strategic and inclusive, while generating investment-ready propositions that deliver holistic outcomes for Māori, and Aotearoa.

We encourage you to take a look at the findings and relay any comments, queries and feedback to Nicole Pakau at nicole@tearawafisheries.maori.nz.

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